Our Girls
Ellie is my first champion. She made
mom and dad so proud. She was the
one that got me hooked on showing
my dogs. Ellie is the most loving girl
and the best cuddlier. She has a
unbelievable personality.
Me and Ellie. This is our first
picture at a show.  She was
reserve winners bitch that
Champion T`Bulls Ellie May Ellie Might
Bille is a real fun girl to
show. At home she loves
to play. She also loves to
be loved.  
Champion  T`Bulls DBees Billie Jo
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Ellie May`s Pedigree
Billie`s Pedigree
1. We are really looking for a dog that will pick up on any fault our female might have.                      
2. We are looking for health issues that may come up in a line.                                                              
3. We are looking for temperament issues that may come up.                                                                
4. We look at the conformation of the stud dog.                                                                                         
5. We are looking at the pedigree to see the stud dogs back round.                                                       
There are always alot of things to consider when choosing a bulldog stud for you female.               
We have
available bulldog
stud services in
Bulldog studs.
We also have
puppies !!!!!
If you have
any questions
please feel
free to call
Theresa at
Bulldog Breeder in Michigan, Champions Producing Champions
Red Hat Society. She is
Red Hat Society. She is
almost 7 in this
hat.almost 7 in this hat.

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T`Bulls Lil Bit Of Billie Jo
Lil Bit Is just starting her show career. She Is Billie Jo`s
Daughter. She got her name because she is alot like
her mom. Look for her in up coming shows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Introducing our New
Little Girl T`Bulls Forty
Bellow.  Lets hope she
grows up to be
everything we are hoping
for. This is Cody's
daughter and Bullets
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